3 comments on “The Poster Every Parent Should Show Their Kids

  1. I have a son, and I don’t appreciate this anti-male, gender biased poster that does nothing to warn young men that women sexually coerce, sexually manipulate, sexually assault, threaten and rape men also, and they do so in much higher numbers than these biased campaigns will acknowledge. In fact, studies of college students have shown that more young MEN experience “unwanted sex” than young women. This poster harms males and puts them in danger, and gives women the license to continue playing victim while hurting men.

  2. LAC,

    You make a great point. I personally know far more men who have been ‘sexually coerced, sexually manipulated, sexually assaulted, threatened and raped, than I personally know women. People may find that to be an absurd and despicable comment, but if we’re applying the same standards to women assailants as we do to men assailants, then I make that comment without a hint of hesitation. I guarantee more women grab mens butts and crotches, than vice versa. I guarantee more women manipulate and coerce men to have sex than men coerce women.

    For anyone who has ever been on a college campus, they know when a drunk girl want sex from a guy she will stop at nothing, and she will pour herself all over a guy until he relents. And no one even bats an eye at it. In fact it’s liable to bring laughs and cheers from everyone who witnesses the drunk, horny, aggressive girl, groping the guy. A most guys never even think of calling the cops when a girl gets physically aggressive with them in an unwanted manner. But, by law, that is sexual assault, and a woman would call for help right away if it happened to her. That’s why there are more ‘reported’ sexual crimes against men, than there are against women. Men are just not programmed to report a girl for something as illegal as grabbing their crotches, while women are programmed to report a guy for saying something as boorish as “nice ass,” or something as simple as “you look nice in that dress.”

    Can you imagine what the stats would be if every man reported a woman everytime she said nice butt, or nice pecs, or came up and grabbed his butt, crotch, bicep or abs. Sherri Shepard would have 100 charges against her, and be facing life in prison, for all the male guests to whom she makes sexually suggestive comments (i.e. sexually harasses), or feels them up (i.e. sexually assaults), when they appear on ‘The View.’ Even by flirty, talk-show-hosts standards, she is crosses the line far too often.


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